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022715roh1Rescue Team 5 painted the powerful message above on the side of the Journal Record Building in 1995 as the families of those killed, the survivors and rescue workers cried out for justice in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum honored the prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges who fought for justice following the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995, with the 2015 Reflections of Hope Award.

Through very difficult and challenging times, these men and women brought justice and hope to the people of Oklahoma, and the nation following the largest domestic terrorist attack on American soil. The investigation, two federal trials and one state trial that followed were historic in scope. Above all, a fair trial was of paramount importance. At the sentencing of Terry Nichols, Justice Steven Taylor, presiding judge at the state trial said, “It is truly ironic that the very government and Constitution…you professed to hate is the very government that assured you a fair trial and protected your rights.”

Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General, Jamie Gorelick, who served under Janet Reno, and assembled the prosecution and defense teams, was the keynote speaker at the award luncheon.

Kari Watkins, Executive Director, Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, “As the Museum enhancements took shape over the past year, including adding new videos, interactives and artifacts, the healing that justice brought to our community became very clear. It’s important to bring attention to the work of the entire justice team.”

This award is accompanied by a $25,000 prize, which this year, established an endowment for the director at the Judge Alfred P. Murrah Center for Homeland Security Law & Policy at Oklahoma City University School of Law.

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