25,500 runners took to the streets of Oklahoma City early Sunday morning and thousands more volunteers and spectators cheered them on – all to Run to Remember.

Scott Downard, a Norman High School Track and Cross Country coach, was the first marathoner to cross the finish line at 2:31:30. “It feels awesome. There’s a lot emotion in this race, it’s eluded me for a while. I’ve run it several times and put all my emphasis on getting the win today. I wasn’t confident til I crossed the finish line,” Downard said after his run.

Camille Herron, the first three time Memorial Marathon champion, broke through the finish tape at 2:54:55. Herron, of Warr Acres, Oklahoma, was also the female Memorial Marathon winner in 2014 and 2012. “After 20 years, I’m still inspired. I have a lot of pride to be a native Oklahoman. I want to inspire the kids from Oklahoma to keep running because it doesn’t stop …you can keep going.” Herron has won a total of 18 marathons world-wide.

This running celebration of life, brings in participants from all across Oklahoma, 46 states, the District of Columbia, and 7 countries including Japan, China, Germany and the UK. Female participants edged out men slightly – more than 60% of the runners are women.

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