Executive Committee

Steven Taylor, Chairman

Justice Steven Taylor, Chairman
Bob Ross, Vice Chair
John Kennedy, Treasurer
Ann-Clore Duncan, Secretary
Mike Turpen, Immediate Past Chairman
Dave Hager, At-Large Member
Polly Nichols, At-Large Member
Sam Presti, At-Large Member
Kari Watkins, Executive Director

Board of Trustees

Douglas Band
Dr. Don Betz
Beverly Binkowski
Traci Boker
Michelle Brooks
John Budd
Carole Burrage
Dr. Susan Chambers
Traci Cook
Valerie Couch
Erik Fares
Jalal Farzaneh
Chris Fleming
Russ Florence
Rob Garbrecht
Melanie Hall
Mayor David Holt
Blu Hulsey
Jane Jenkins
Wesley Knight
Bill Lance
Austin Manger
Mike Mathews
Doug McClain
Kim Neese
Kathy Oden-Hall
Kristin Peck
Sally Starling
Sara Sweet
Becky Switzer
Natasha Szendrei
Terri Talley

National Advisory Board

William J. Clinton
42nd President of the United States

Tom Ridge
Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Governor

Billy Graham

Frank and Cathy Keating
Former Governor and First Lady of Oklahoma

Lee Woodruff
Author and Family/Life Contributer to Good Morning America

Ex Officio Members

Chief Richard Kelley
Chief Bill Citty
Steve Hill
Commissioner Brian Maughan
Fred Morgan
Roy Williams