101016okcps1In a press conference today, we announced Called2Change, which will make sure every 9th grade student in the Oklahoma City Public School District experiences the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum during the 2016-2017 school year, thanks to generous grants from OGE Energy Corp., ONE Gas and AT&T. Oklahoma history is a high school graduation requirement taught in the 9th grade. Encouraging schools to go beyond the classroom and visit the Memorial in the class where they are studying the events of April 19, 1995, will greatly enhance their history curriculum.

101016okcps4“We chose 9th graders for a special reason – after visiting the Memorial and Museum and learning the lessons of the bombing – resilience, remembrance, hope, responsibility, vigilance, along with STEM curriculum, students will have the opportunity to spread these messages in their  community and at home.” said Kari Watkins, Executive Director, Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

In addition to exploring the Museum and learning about the meaningful symbolism in the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial, freshmen will also participate in hands-on interactives about forensics or structural engineering in the Uncover-Discover Lab. These students will discover the many ways they can positively impact and strengthen their communities.

101016okcps3Aurora Lora, Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent “It’s important that we teach kids reading, writing and math but at the end of the day, we want them also to be great well-rounded citizens. Teaching them about their history and the heritage of Oklahoma and also our expectations for what Oklahomans do to help and support each other through tragic times is a really important thing for us to make sure that every 9th grader in Oklahoma City knows, and that they are prepared to step up if the time ever comes.”

Before the conference, Oklahoma City Public School educators explored the lab and learned how it can enhance their curriculum.