Out of the tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing came the best of characteristics of Oklahomans – Service, Honor and Kindness. Today, 22 years later, people are living these same qualities of the Oklahoma Standard in every Oklahoma city and town. Judge Alfred P. Murrah for whom the bombed Federal building was named said, “The greatest rewards in life come from living outside and beyond one’s self.” The Oklahoma City National Memorial, in a brand new partnership with the State Chamber of Oklahoma, wants to find and pay tribute to these unsung community heroes who live up to these tenants.

At the 20th Anniversary of the bombing, the Memorial announced the Oklahoma Standard. Thousands of businesses, organization, families and individuals committed themselves to Acts of Service, Honor and Kindness. Last year, the inaugural Oklahoma Standard Award was presented to Katie Prior. A 16 year old Girl Scout who founded her own non-profit after realizing there were enough trumpet players to play Taps at veterans’ funeral.

Now, local chambers of commerce across the state are encouraged to choose an individual to honor at their annual awards banquets.

“The importance of the Oklahoma Standard needs to spread across of our state just like it did in 1995. We Oklahomans are known for our neighborly service to each other, and that must continue to be celebrated and taught as we move forward,” said Kari Watkins, Executive Director. “This gives us a chance to recognize great people from Hollis to Miami and from Guymon to Idabel.”