What an unbelievable week of STEM! Thank you Devon Energy for helping to make it happen.


Campers did a deep dive into the history of the bombing on a Museum tour, learned about the creation of the Memorial from Executive Director Kari Watkins, listened to Survivor Melissa McLawhorn Houston, Oklahoma Labor Commissioner’s firsthand account, and participated in a self-exploratory art project with the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Thank you Devon Energy for sponsoring this week-long experience for our future leaders! #UDiscoverLab


Day two of STEM Camp was full of new discoveries! Campers learned the symbolism of each component of the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial from NPS Oklahoma, built miniature 9:03 Gates with our Facilities and Grounds team, learned basic first aid from Dr. Susan Chambers, and the Oklahoma City Fire Department taught them CPR along with demonstrating equipment they use for emergencies. Campers also learned about Structures and Waves in the #UDiscoverLab and with the help of Benham, a Haskell Company structural engineers, Dylan Motley and David Swyden, they built structures that could withstand earthquakes. We are ready for even more adventures today!


Campers built robots with Sam Summers, a Cleveland Elementary teach from Norman, learned the in-and-outs of what makes the new OKC Street Car, and went on a scientific exploration of the Survivor Tree with Mark Bays.


Campers participated in a forensics lesson in the #UDiscoverLab, took an architectural tour at the Devon Energy Center, heard from former FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Master Bomb Technician Barry Black about his experience working on the “OKBOMB” case, toured our Memorial Archives, and got behinds the scenes of Jeremy Thorne’s Guthrie Police Department vehicle!


Whoa! For their last day, campers met bomb detecting dogs, an amazing creation in Roblox of the Memorial grounds, dogs who help rescue people in a disaster, and turned into forensic scientists!